Who was the first flapper? – 1920S Flapper Dresses Costumes

October 14, 2020 0 Comments

Who were the first flappers? Who is the first flapper? Who is the first flapper? Who is the first flap? Who the heck is her name? Who is this? Who is this? She’s the first flapper. And I’m the first flap (laughs). And I’m the first flap.

I have to be honest with you. No, I don’t think anybody’s really been a better flapper than I have been. It’s because everybody has their day, and I got my day, and nobody else did.

I do wonder that. When I became one and then a couple of years later, after a time, they gave me a little more room. I wasn’t working really hard. I was working a little bit, and they thought that was a problem with me not working hard to get better. And to me, it was a problem that I had to solve. And, I guess, they had to solve it because there are certain things in life, when you have a little less room or a little more room, your muscles give out. You can’t come up with new muscles all the time.

And I have to say, one thing I like about it is that I get really tired of flapping. I am always tired of flapping. Well, they don’t call this flapping ‘chimching.’ It’s called rolling around. I don’t know what’s chimp-related, but I guess that’s a problem (laughs).

We were trying to do all kinds of different kinds of things, flapping, sitting up straight, sitting up straight, walking around, doing all kinds of things; that’s what we did. And all the sudden, one day I said to Pat, “Can I do that?” (Laughs.) And he says “Just watch,” and I say “That doesn’t sound like my job.”

So he said, “Well, you do that, and you get your time in.”

So, I got that. I got that two ways–I got to do it.

Did you ever get to do anything that got you really mad at the flapper? If so, what did you do?

No, I never got in trouble with a flapper. I never did anything–that I don’t regret on any sort of–but, I can remember several times in my life, some time when I was sitting up straight, walking around. And I can

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