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The first flapper in history, according to the popular book, The Flapper, was “a very pretty young girl by the name of Lillian.” Her parents were well to-do, and she moved from house to house, begging to get into a proper, educated life – before she went in search of adventure in the Caribbean. Her first stop was St. Martin, the original French and Spanish colony where she met and married a Portuguese merchant. As soon as they settled, Lillian and the rest of the crew were forced to return to the mainland and continue their adventures, with a bit of extra help from a handsome young sailor who was on their ship.

The tale of Lillian, of course, is a myth and a fairy tale. No one can quite be certain of her background, but it appears that she was in a convent and an art school in Lisbon, where she earned a place on the list of a select group of women who could be considered the first true flappers. One account claimed she met her husband there, but later said she never met him, and that they actually spent time in the desert, where they were discovered.

Was all this “flappership” part of colonial misadventures for the British?

It may have started in the 17th century for sure, but by 1763, there was such a high level of colonial nationalism in the Atlantic world that there was a huge demand for flappers and exotic women. The flapper’s only real problem is her high fashion, the constant need to be looked at. For these women, “flappership” may have been just another way to earn their keep in a new and increasingly hostile world.

It’s also important to note that while the term “flapper” has gained a lot of traction in this day and age, the actual “flappers” were simply women who chose to spend themselves a while, a kind of “playboy,” who did not consider being on the move to be a good idea. So “flappership” was just part of life on a frontier.

The role of girls from 17th century French colonies during the colonial era of America can also be traced back to the time when they were being treated as property: if they were unmarried, they were considered property to be “protected” and not be allowed their own choices. These days, when young girls want to go and enjoy themselves outside of a relationship, what she does is much more important than what

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