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Is it really the only woman?

It would be nice to have an answer on the second or third page before the next big event. I had the same struggle with the first page of my book, about which I was told it didn’t like me.

As a child I had a crush on a girl in elementary school who liked girls. I wanted to like her, but my parents said she had an attitude. Hehehe!

As I went to school I was fascinated by the clothes and hairstyles of the schoolgirls, and I was in love with this girl. On graduation day she turned into an old, wrinkled woman. We were all very disappointed.

My next book, which became a best-seller, was titled “The Girl Who Left Her Name.” I had been trying to find a book for a while that would be fun. I found it with such ease on the shelf of a library, and I loved it.

I wrote a lot during college, but I didn’t stop reading till then. After two years of working with the Internet, I created my own Internet site for “The Girl Who Left Her Name” (www.ladybunzweig.com). It soon expanded, and now I’m building a new site that will tell her story.

Your father was born into privilege. He knew everything. How did your story start?

I was born to a successful German-Jewish father and wealthy English-Jewish mother. In the late ’30s I read about the Nazi program to turn Germany into a concentration camp. I was disgusted. My father started studying science to become an engineer and became a scientist at the end of the war. After returning from the war I spent two years at Harvard, then started law school and a career in public relations.
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Did fatherhood affect you?

Of course, but my parents had given my father everything. They gave me a wonderful upbringing, with loving families, good teachers, and I learned so much there. I was not aware of the suffering of the other women who didn’t have fathers. And of course, they were more in danger. They died.

I realized that there should be a women’s movement. I wrote a book explaining women’s issues. Then I went on the Internet and founded LadyBunzweig.com.

Did fatherhood really change you?

My father was really supportive of my efforts. He worked for a time

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