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“What she liked best was to be flirted with.” — Elizabeth Taylor, in a 1926 interview

The woman who best embodied the flapper’s image was Elizabeth Taylor. The actress, born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1894, was famous for her wild hair and flappers dresses she wore—but most of all for her attitude. Taylor was an anti-authoritarian and had an un-American vision of life. “One of my ideas was that the best place to live was the bottom of the barrel,” she once recalled. “But I don’t remember that I was as a child.” To Taylor, the ideal woman was a woman who would not “taste the sour.” It is in this vein that many feel that Taylor’s personal style is at the heart of the flapper’s reputation for being “dirty, uncouth, self-indulgent, and vulgar,” in the words of David Lippman in Taylor’s biography “Fancy.” “She dressed as if she were walking out of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ movie,” Lippman wrote. “She dressed like some kind of street vaudeville entertainer. The whole aesthetic was that of a carnival act.” The Flapper Girl “The Flapper Girl has become an icon of the 1920s, as much a part of her cultural fabric as the flappers themselves, who were known as a very, very popular and, in the case of the Fanny Algers, a very powerful and important cultural force.” — John Stokes, author of “The Flats, the Cows, and the Flappers,” in the 2006 book “Sidewalk Fiddlers: The Flapper Girls of New York City, 1926-38.”

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“Flappers had a huge following but it was a very narrow one. It was the sort of person you’d recognize because of their appearance. I knew one flapper who lived in a tiny house in a neighborhood where all the people worked for the postal service and worked in the stock exchange. She would walk around the area with her little baby and say, “Oh, I can’t get a nickel!” And everyone, you know, they got in their cars and they drove to wherever that was, and they had their little house parties and it was just wonderful—everybody loved them and would go to them. But it wasn’t the kind of thing you saw at a party, to be perfectly honest with you, because it was almost like you

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