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September 15, 2020 0 Comments

Well, to the extent that it is a real-world example of what a real-world example of a real-world example looks like, a Bob that looks like a bob is the real world version of that bob.

And what does the real world Bob look like? So let’s say I have a universe that contains the objects in your question: I could easily create a Bob such that Bob could not look like a bob to any observer who was actually in the Universe the Universe was in at the time. And all Bobs know this, right? And I could easily create a Bob such that Bobs that look as Bobs would not look like bobs, right? Well, this is precisely what Bob is. And I can then say that a Bob is what an observer would expect a bob to look like.

It has come just a few hours since two women in a white SUV, along with a young girl in her car, were reportedly shot and killed, leaving at least six other injured. But the media blackout and speculation over their motive continued. This is not the first time a police officer has been killed in the same state and the media has remained silent. Here are some of the cases:

September, 2016.

The family of 24 year old Officer Michael J. Crain have said, “We love him very much and wish him the best. This is hard to process and we are doing as best as possible.” The officer went to a gas station last Thursday to purchase a beer for the family, police say, when two men with knives approached and shot him dead as he left the store.

August, 2016.

Police in Alabama and Mississippi report police have killed two men in separate incidents that took place in the afternoon. The first case occurred on August 1. The second case occurred this Sunday evening (August 6).

April, 2015.

The death of a man who was shot in the chest as he tried to flee his burning property in the western Alabama town of Shelby was captured on camera by a local man, WKRG.

The man, who was identified as Richard Moore, was allegedly set upon by multiple individuals who were “chomping on guns, and screaming. And they were running all over this property”. The local sheriff said, “At least four individuals came running out of the area with guns. And the guy just dropped. He was like a rag doll, and they were running all over this property.”

Moore was

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