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August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Ask any rock fan, and they’ll tell you that the genre that was formerly known as “country” is now in decline and that the genre you know as “hits” on a guitar is increasingly being called “pop”: pop/indie rock/chillwave is the new “country” (and the new “country” is no longer necessarily country!). Now, I believe the term “country”, as it is typically described and used today, dates back to the 1960s. The term has changed and changed and changed, and is a bit confusing to many. I’ve compiled some of these facts below for readers who may not be sure how to tell the difference between country music. I guess they’re all about the same: a sound that is distinctively country, i.e., music that is primarily or exclusively country, or, in essence, country music with country elements, especially instrumentation; music that is played primarily or exclusively on an acoustic guitar or on a banjo; and, often, music played primarily or exclusively on a acoustic or acoustic-electric instrument. (Note: The term “country music” has been used incorrectly by many people, who mistakenly attribute what is often the opposite, if not a different genre, to the term “country music” in general or to “country music/indie rock” in particular, which, in reality, has a lot in common with both genres.) Here are some of the many, many ways for fans to identify and differentiate the terms “country music” and “indie rock”, and some of the differences that may exist between the terms, as well as what the differences means.

My First Question: Which is Really Country Music and Which is Indie Rock? What kind of music is being played on an acoustic guitar, or on a banjo and an electric guitar, or on a hybrid guitar? Who the hell is this guy playing on an electric guitar and the banjo? These are, essentially, the questions people need answered to figure out who the genre of music that is played on a banjo or electric guitar, etc., really is. It is generally accepted that the term “country music” is generally used to describe music in the genre of “hits” or “pop”, but can also be applied to music that is primarily played on an acoustic guitar, primarily or exclusively on an acoustic or electric guitar, or primarily or exclusively played on a banjo. The term “indie rock” and “hits” are generally used in place of the

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