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No. You will need to get a music education program or audition for it after high school. You will need to have your music education course paid and pass a thorough test to get a music diploma. To become licensed, you must first attend an audition. It is your goal to gain that license before getting paid. If you can attend or take music classes, it will come.

I have a college degree or I am a college student, how can I get the music degree if my parents will not let me work in the music industry?

You can work as a teacher, assistant teacher, music department director, music teacher, music supervisor and/or teacher’s assistant. It takes a year, 6 credits, and 1 month to earn a music degree.

Where can I learn music?

There are many music education programs available at local high schools or community colleges. If you want to attend a music school and complete your education, you can attend a music school of your choice or you can join a local music program that has students from other countries. You can also become a music professor.

Other than music lessons, it is often more economical to get a small business or job training than going through college.

How long should I listen to music while studying music education?

While studying music education, listen to music in three different categories:

Classical Music – Classical music is based around music that was written in the 19th century and features the most popular classical violinists. There are classical recordings of a lot of classical music for learning. Some schools will teach you to play classical music or take you on a tour of classical music sites like the Bodega Music Hall

Classical Dance – Classical dance is based around music from the period of the classical movement (18th-19th century). You will receive the music by playing a piece of classical dance and your performance will be recorded. If you want to learn dance like ballet, tap or jazz, they will teach you these types of music. Most schools will offer classes in Classical dance.

Classical Instrumental – Classical instrumental music consists of popular music from all over the world that was recorded specifically for instrumental training. You may perform in a classroom and learn to play an instrument or the teacher may help you work out how to arrange the music.

What is my education plan should I receive as an 18-22 year old?

If you are a music/music education major from high school,

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