Can I learn guitar at 30? – Learn To Play Electric Guitar Free Online

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Can I learn guitar at 35? Yes.

Can I learn guitar at 40? No.

Can I learn guitar at 45? Yes.

Can I learn guitar at 50? Yes.

Can I learn guitar at 55? Yes.

Can I learn guitar at 60? Yes.

Can I learn guitar at 65? Yes.

Can I learn guitar? Yes.

Can I learn in a professional music studio? No.

How long do I need to practice to be a good guitarist? One month.

Can I play a certain piece of music for 10 hours a day for the rest of my life? No.

How many hours a week should I practice? Once a day.

When should I stop practicing? All the time.

Can I play more than one piece of music? No.

Should I practice with all three fingers on the same fret? Can’t play an instrument well if you’re left-handed.

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In order to make it harder for me to get bad fingers, do you think I should only play with my right and left fingers on the same fret?

Does your guitar allow you to play the same melody over and over again? Yes.

In order for me to play well, should I try to use all of my fingers at once or just one? All of my fingers must be used.

What is the correct technique when practicing guitar? Using ALL of your fingers.

Which one of your fingers is better than the other? Righty or Lefty (If Both).

How fast should I play my tunes? I like fast.

How long should I practice a tune? All the time.

When I play fast, what should I do to get better?

How do I stop speeding up and playing faster? It’s hard for me to be a good player if I’m not using all of my muscles.

How does your guitar system work?

One Finger, two, three

Can you play a single note to the note (for example, a C root note) or a note to the root (for example, a G root note? If the root note is just a single pitch, or a major scale note, then, do I mean I can or I can’t play a single pitch of a tune to the root of that scale note?)

If you play a melody line

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