Can I learn guitar in 3 months? – How To Learn Guitar Fast With Rocksmith Pc

October 12, 2020 0 Comments

We would really be glad to oblige you! First of all, we would like to give a huge shout-out to Paul Stolz, the world’s foremost guitar guru, for his invaluable help during the whole process. Paul gave us tons of useful tips and tricks.

As I mentioned here, the first big step was learning a piece of classical guitar to get all the chords of the main piece down. In that same lesson you can also discover a bit more about the classical guitar repertoire.

And then you need to learn the piece and practice a couple of times with it, until you arrive to where it’s at now.

The important thing is to keep the original notes in mind and to keep the tone in mind. You want to have a feeling of an original and rich tone when you play these pieces, and we recommend you to play only the chords of the piece, without any strums. There’s also a big difference between a good piece with a warm, resonant guitar tone and a really good piece with a flat tone.

I also highly recommend going through this lesson using your finger on your right hand (your right thumb should be at least equal distance from your left hand) while playing an ascending scale and picking a certain note between the second and third note of the scale. You’ll gain tons of ideas from that practice, especially the idea that you can create a chord from an ascending scale pattern.

How did you first learn guitar?

As mentioned in the previous lessons, Paul provided this excellent article:

Guitar Guitar The Basics of Learning Guitar

And after reading that article he gave us some excellent lessons at the beginning of this years which helped us in learning guitar. But the beginning of the lesson wasn’t easy, so he gave us some other tips like:

Learn the root notes that have a feeling of being in your body,

Learn the chord shapes,

Learn scales in a variety of keys,

And so on

When I reached the point where this lesson was about 3 months after the previous lesson I really wanted to know how to play them. But even though Paul has provided tons of tips, I haven’t got any ideas of the most helpful ones that will turn out to do great in a week or a month.

One thing I learnt from reading this book was that you need to practice it in different key, since many of the chords are written in different key than in your home key

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