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September 23, 2020 0 Comments

There are tons of guitar lessons here on Dope Jams! There might be a lesson for you in here, but be sure to check the site regularly to see if new ones are added.

How can I find a teacher that can teach me?

The best place to find a great guitar teacher in Chicago is to search for your city in this search bar on the top right. You’ll be able to find some great instructors by simply searching for your city. A simple Google search for Chicago will direct you to many local instructors from around the area. If there are teachers listed in your city, look for their schools and check their websites regularly. You will also want to contact them by phone to see if they are available for your teaching.

How do I contact local instructors?

If you’re looking for an instruction from some of our teachers, you can contact us by emailing us at

Can I use an electric guitar as my guitar?

No, electric guitars should be used with an electric amplifier.

Are there guitars that were made of paper or plastic?

Yes, there are some instruments that were designed specifically for teaching guitar. These are called “paper guitars”.

Is there a way to add extra string rolls to the guitar, if you want strings to stick out of the sides?

The best way to add extra string rolls at home is to use a string roller or a string scraper. These are commonly available for under $20 at most guitar stores.

Can I bring my iPad or Android device on stage?

Yes, you can take your iPad or Android tablet on the stage with you and use it as a guitar or music stand.

Have you ever taught a single chord, e.g., A, Cmaj7, Dm7, or Eb7?

No, not at all. We’ve only taught scales and scales in order to help people develop improv chops.

Are there any songs that you can teach that aren’t available on record or on YouTube?

We’ve also taught a lot of classic songs. These include Stevie Mary’s “What She Does” and “When the Music’s Over” by Ray Charles. Both of these are available from our website and the DVD. We do occasionally offer other song demos, but they usually aren’t suitable for a live performance.

How do I get my song demo in the video

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