Can you learn guitar at 30? – 6 String Guitar Chords

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Or do you make a living by playing music live? Do you make a living at being a musician, not just a musician?

No one knows for sure, but one of the reasons I decided to pursue songwriting at age 30 is that I was able to find a way to make a living off of music. Before I met David Bowie, the question of whether or not it is possible to do so seemed as far-fetched as the questions in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” It didn’t help much that I lived in a small town with no outside opportunities. When I decided to pursue writing, the idea seemed far-fetched. But in the end, it is possible.

It is hard to believe that my time in Austin was spent with the only noncommercial music I listened to. As an amateur musician, I have never heard commercial music in my entire life. I grew up playing music of all kinds that included all of the following things: heavy metal, progressive rock, dance music, jazz, Latin music, R&B, blues, country, folk, rockabilly, gospel, bluegrass, and more. I remember when I moved to Austin, music was never the number one thing I listened to on the radio. Not that one’s a requirement for success: I could still buy records from a small bookstore and play my records at home, but playing music on an actual stage was what had me hooked.

Even by the standards of Austin, the neighborhood I grew up in was a far cry from the urban, commercialism I experience now outside of the U.S. But I had an experience to share that many of my peers never would: I worked for a professional band while attending school (I also attended art school where I was able to earn a bachelor’s degree while serving in a state legislator). After my band was done, I went to work for my first employer as an assistant manager on a local record label. The first two guys I worked with would later be among my best friends – David Bowie, John Oates, and Chris Tomlin.

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After my time at my first employer, I joined a band in my junior high and played on numerous singles and albums, including several from Bowie, Oates, Tomlin, and my friends Bowie, Oates, and Tomlin. After graduating from high school, I took the time to pursue my dream of being a professional singer and musician. In addition to being a band member, I also worked at a

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