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October 13, 2020 0 Comments

Absolutely! For me, learning to play guitar is something that took a long time. If I don’t have to be sitting in a studio for three or four months, that’s enough time to learn a few chords. But if I don’t have to be in a studio for four months, then I never get the full benefit. So that’s like my goal — to get out. So when I play, I’m playing. No matter. Whatever.”

But don’t you fear your career being destroyed for it?

“The thing is, I’m a guy that would never say, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be like Elvis Presley and I’m never going to be able to do this.’ If it goes down the road as being the same as Elvis, then that would be sad for me. But for me, this is the dream, and the music, and the life. So I’m not going to stop just because somebody can’t be like Elvis. I’m always gonna keep living.”

An Australian university has rejected a proposal for a new, more expensive course offered by the school’s prestigious Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences.

The courses, which cost $27,000, were presented in advance and had been designed by Australian businesswoman Rachel Griffiths.

Rachel Griffin, left, with Associate Dean and Vice-Chancellor Tim Jones. Photo: AAP

But after a month of consultation, the University of Melbourne decided to not proceed.

“The decision follows a long period of consideration by the University and its Board of Regents including numerous opportunities for input from key stakeholders, including faculty, staff and students across the school on the issue,” it said in a statement.

The rejection by the college came as the Australian Graduate School of Management, which is part-funded by the Australian government, announced it would withdraw a new graduate course offered by the University of New South Wales.

The University of New South Wales said the course, called Career Skills, would cost almost triple the level at the Melbourne Business School ($16,000) and was already costing students more than $30 a year.

The second annual “The Best of 2014” lists all the podcasts ranked in iTunes.

The “Podcast Awards” was created as a way for iTunes to give a formal look at podcasts, and the results are amazing: Apple’s largest podcast platform got tons of praise for how well it managed to rank them well with a wide variety of topics, including comedy, music

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