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November 30, 2020 0 Comments

No, but I can learn how to improvise at 20. As a kid, the closest thing would be a teacher. But I did have teachers over 30. I learned how to play from my mom who was very good at music. That’s always been the most important thing. But I’ve also used music to learn things more creatively than I ever have before.

What instruments do you use?

All of them. My favorite guitar is my acoustic. My bass isn’t really an instrument but rather the ability to do so much with them. The keyboard is also really useful in my repertoire, whether that’s playing an acoustic or having others in the band improvise. It’s a really cool tool. I also have a new amp that I’ve been playing really well right now.

What was your first album?

I started writing songs during college. I was studying piano, and I was working at a restaurant, playing in a band, and listening to all this great music. After that they all came flooding in.

After a series of high-profile attacks and assaults in the southern Philippines, the government has moved to strengthen surveillance in the country.

The Philippine National Police and the Philippine National Security Operations Command (PNSC) announced last week that they would expand their anti-terrorism campaigns by establishing “sensitive and credible locations” where informants would be placed, AFP reported. The announcement also said that authorities would intensify surveillance of targets of “high risk” because they have been identified on the basis of previous attacks.


The new locations will be in rural areas and areas near popular tourist spots. While the locations have yet to be confirmed, AFP reported the locations are near the resort cities of Cebu and the resort areas of Bicol and Caloocan.

The government has also stated that these locations will help the police improve counter-terrorism efforts.

These announcement comes weeks after the attack on the resort island of Koh Samui in the southern Philippines. The resort island is popular for visitors to the region, and security officials have said that the incident took place shortly after the death threat received in January 2016 and shortly after the recent spate of attacks.

PNSC director Gen. Restituto Padilla told AFP that the locations are “sensitive and credible,” because they will be used in the event of a threat to the lives of members.

He said the location will be part of the National Counter Terrorism Coordination Council of the PNP

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