Can you really learn to play guitar online? – Was It Easier For You To Learn Guitar Or Bass

November 4, 2020 0 Comments

While I can’t say “yes” or “no” without knowing everything about the subject, I’d say “yes.”

Some of my favorite sites are,, and

A lot of people, however, are wondering why I didn’t choose the more popular sites. The truth is, those sites are not very good. The quality of the teaching and the ability to find the right music for you isn’t there on As for, I found the website to be a very good teacher, in that they are able to provide lessons based on your personal guitar technique and knowledge base. However, they only teach by email, and there are only a few lessons planned per month.

I also like learning songs by ear. Guitar lessons aren’t really the right tool for this. I would have much more patience and energy practicing the songs by ear. This is why I recommend learning songs and learning the chords from scratch using sheet music, practicing the chords, then copying the song and playing your own copy. This way, you will really get a feel for the song, but you will already have learned the chords. If you need help to learn a song, I would recommend an online tutor like the one I mentioned above.

As for “I love playing electric”, I think that is because we all have a ton of power in our hearts. If you want to get into the electric guitar, you should look into buying an acoustic guitar, and not the electric guitar.

The real question is, does any guitar sound better than any other guitar? I hope I answered the first part of this question correctly. I think that all electric guitars sound great, and even if you can’t really put your finger on it, a decent electric guitar sounds better than almost any acoustic guitar (and almost every acoustic guitar worth buying). The reason for this is acoustic guitars have more sustain, and you usually can play more harmonies with an upright guitar, with more control over the scale and the feel of the chords. I also think that it has a more “vocal sound” to it. The most important thing in a guitar is to get over the idea that the first guitar you buy will have a “better” guitar amp than the last one, since most amp types sound much better than most guitars ever have.

This is an area that I have a lot of time to research

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