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November 13, 2020 0 Comments

What music should I study first? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

In my opinion, learning guitar is something like a two-week adventure in learning, with as much downtime and downtime and more downtime.

But what could be more fun than that? Why not enjoy that? How about doing it with a buddy…right?

Well…that, however, depends.

First, let’s start with a checklist of things I always do at the beginning of a new journey:

Start the day with exercise

Get coffee for coffee

Take a shower

Try a new song

Try a new piece of music to start with

Start with a new piece of music

I don’t know about you, but I know that I had an overwhelming urge to get out of bed when I put on some of my new music.

But I know my brain was telling me to skip that first bit of guitar-playing and start fresh.

I knew that I should start my first new piece of music with some new music I actually had already started playing, in order to get the brain going again. However…not only that, but I was going to make sure to start as much music as possible before getting a hang of it.

How to learn with the head

Because I like to learn through the head first, I didn’t start things with a lot of stuff already in my head.

The reason I think the brain is better at learning things through music is because musical pieces are easier to analyze and focus on. They’re the ones we spend a lot of our time thinking about.

Here are three pieces of music that immediately popped into my mind when I put on the first song:

2 – Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

In Russian folklore, Swan Lake is a huge lake that was said to be full of gold. I’ve never heard of a thing that could have possibly had enough gold for this, but it is still a wonderful piece of music, especially in the summer.

What does this song have for you?

3 – Iggy Pop’s I’m Waiting for the Man

I could go on forever about how awesome this one is. Listen to some of the lyrics, really, and you’ll understand why I always start my new piece with music that I know and that I can easily get up to speed on…in the right moment.

How to

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