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I mean, I could pick on a song off of, let’s say, my last album and say, and this is a really good song, but I really, really, really thought about how do I improvise a few seconds in the song? We’re like, hey, what about this? We’ll pick a good chord progression. Then it sounds like we’re building the song right by doing that.

It sounds like you’re putting everything into the song, and it’s really exciting to hear you improvise.

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Oh, man. I mean, we do pretty much everything in there. It’s just that when we recorded it with the original engineer, who was a real, true believer, and a real, real musician, he would be like, “Don’t mess it up, you’re going to mess it up.” He would be like [sings] “Boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom, boom.” That was the only time ever he would mess something up. When we played with him a few times on the drums he’d be like, “Man, that’s a really great song. Don’t screw it up.” And he was a real, true believer. When we did The Last Nail on the Head he wanted to go super simple. And I don’t remember if we went into it to just play a basic song or what it was, but he wanted to go super minimalistic there. And we were like, “Okay, we’re going to go into this thing with minimalism.”

But then we went into it and it was completely stripped down. That’s the fun of making music, you gotta be very deliberate. You know, you’re trying to be as minimal as possible and then you’re trying to surprise yourself in the process, but it’s all just like, we’re just improvising right then and it was really exciting.

How much of it was you improvising?

Yeah, it was all me. The drumming was just me and Bobby. There’s no way I’d try to play drum parts or anything like that because I feel like in the last song we did we didn’t use a drum kit. There was just, it was just just me and Bobby. When I did that track and we were just playing on guitar and drums.

That’s kind of incredible since it sounds like the first song on the record. Is that right?

Yeah, it is. I mean, if you look

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