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Like most good songs, “C” is not too difficult. Here are some pointers.

• Play a song off a chord progression – it’s an open D with a 6th to it (A minor).

• Play a simple melody with some nice notes.

• Use a D minor chord when the notes don’t match perfectly, and use a D major chord when there is a difference between the two melodies at least a half step (A major or C major).

• When one melody is a minor chord, play chords to it one after the other.

• Play a chord progression on a descending scale shape, like a chromatic pentatonic. In any shape, you can also play a minor key chord – as in, a minor third (D minor). This way you can play a melody from a minor key to a major one like this:

The bass notes of the two songs are D and E with an open string.

To learn “C” you’d do the following:

• Play a melody with notes you’d like to sing in your head. Pick two or three notes that sound good together.

• Play chords that sounds good, that will make the notes sound similar. (You’ll need to play chords that are pretty standard or you won’t be good at this step. For example, if you pick two notes that sound good together, you might play them in a 12-step melody but it will sound a bit like a seven-tone chord.)

• Now try to figure out what you want to sing and play on the C string

It might help to know that the D and E strings are tuned to C major. You can usually learn this by hearing guitar chords in your head.

If you want to learn C major, you’d play a D major chord.

You don’t have to be super precise about how you play.

In the examples above, I use notes that I want to play because I already know what I want to sing.

For example, I pick up the melody of “The First Time” on D minor and I start singing:

The melody on D minor is a D major triad.

The chords are in different keys.

That means that you aren’t playing just this phrase on the D string – you’re singing it on D major. Or you would be if you knew the key of the melody. If, for

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