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For the purposes of this lesson, you will only need to learn one bar of the C5 chords. The C5 is the major sixth chord in the key of F, and is frequently used in rock songs to express a feeling of tension. You should be able to play a C5 chord in 30-45 seconds. In most cases, the notes are easy enough to play, but there is always a way to spice up the sound. For example, a C chord might sound more intense when used in a chord progression than in a solo, and you can alter the sound of any C5 chord, so it’s best if you practice the C chord in a progression instead of soloing. (For more information on progressions, check out How to Play Cimbalomato Chords.)

Are there any chords with C5 in them that aren’t included here? If so, where can I learn them?

Yes. There are four chords in the C5 key to learn quickly. To learn them, simply play each chord in the key by ear on your guitar.

I am using a guitar that has a guitar fretboard, and it appears that it contains no C5 chords. How can I play any C5 chord?

Yes. You should actually be able to play the C5 chord using two fingers (or one). First you will need to find a fret at which the C5 chord is not the 5th or above. For example, if you play E for an F chord, it’s an F5. Then, to play your C5 chord with two fingers, you should play your fingers 3 times per note (or as much as you can) on the string. For example, you would play the E chord with your two fingers and the F5 chord with your one.

How can I learn a C-sharp minor chord?

Practice the C5 chord on the fretboard, using as little time and effort as is possible. You can either make your chord progression using the C5 chord or by playing a scale progression starting with C. Here’s an example of a C-sharp minor progression on guitar:

Notice that the C#2 is not on the string. When you’re playing these chords on the fretboard, note that the C#2 is a “diatonic” chord. In other words, you can use a C#2 chord in other keys. For more info about this type of chord, check

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