How long does it take to learn electric guitar? – Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners

October 8, 2020 0 Comments

The answer is short: only 10-15 minutes a day! After that, it is time to practice a little bit more.

Don’t worry if you cannot play immediately after completing this lesson… you can add a second sheet to learn as you go or you can record one of your own songs.

Learning the Electric Guitar by Learning the Basics

Start from any song.

If you don’t have a record, start from an improvised jam.

Learn the basic rhythm of the guitar.

In addition to rhythm, there are two other essential guitar styles… fast-paced, and slow-paced.

The goal with each of these is to improve the speed and dexterity with which you play (i.e. speed, dexterity)

Each genre must be practiced at a particular velocity and rate (fast and slow).

The Fast Track

Here’s the easy part… when you have enough of this, you can go back and start adding these to any song you have.

1. Start the Song by picking any note in the song.

2. Use the Fast Track to add in a new phrase at a slower or faster speed.

3. Listen to how a good beginner plays the chords in the song.

You may have to practice different chords and scales… for example, you might practice a major and minor Pentatonic scale.

You can add a new note if you use the phrase on the Fast Track.

Here’s an example of what it could look like.

You’d do the same things if you were just learning guitar… if you had a few more weeks or a couple of songs you know well from earlier lessons, you can add your own phrase at a slower or faster speed.

The Slow Track

The more advanced you get, the more you should take notes or practice on any type of phrase. You can also take notes before a single fret… it won’t really matter.

Here’s how you could practice it.

Start the song by picking any note in the song.

Practice the Fast Track, adding the phrase on one or two of the two previous notes before the fast note. (Note: The fast pitch is important as it will take the listener’s attention more quickly.)

Listen to the result, or record it.

For example, here is how I would solo over a standard melody.

The fast note is

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