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This is more complicated than it may seem, I am having a lot of trouble with this too. I have learned to play guitar fairly fast. But when I am playing guitar and have lots of problems understanding all the “chord” combinations, I just feel like I am “losing” the chord. It is as if I am not learning them properly. I have tried to play along to various guitar solos and music where I can see how many different chords each chord has. Sometimes I can tell that a chord has about 7 different notes.

I have heard that there are 2 types of learning to become a great guitarist, one which is slow, and one which is fast. Have you tried those things?

There was a book written by “Bill Evans” that came out about 15 years ago, but it had a very different approach compared to mine, as I have learned to do it differently. I really like that book, the whole way I like it. It is very good. I am not interested in making the same mistakes or doing the same things every time I play. That is just not necessary. I try to always be different to get better. In a sense I like it the same way as the book does. The book is very nice, but the way I think has changed over the years. This is only one of those things. I think about what I am doing and how I can improve it.
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How do you improve on things that you just do?

At one time I had a very good technique, but all those years ago I would do things that don’t really work or don’t really work well. Now, I would rather learn the song and practice some simple variations that don’t have many notes. Then I might use different strumming techniques to get a different feeling out of it. I try to learn the parts as well as they can be played on the guitar. I try to pick just a single piece of material with the idea that I am just going to play it down to just that one part. It doesn’t matter if it is a guitar chord and no notes are played at all. When I have all those parts under my fingers, and I can play on them one after the other, then in my mind I think “This song is a chord.” No matter how many parts I do, I am playing it the same. As I have gotten better about this, I feel a lot of different kind of feelings when I go back over

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