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There is a number of ways to approach this question – and these often lead you nowhere. If the primary question is “how many chords do guitarists know?”, there can be no satisfactory answer. This question assumes that the goal of learning to play is in the hands of the guitar – you cannot learn to play without the use of a fretboard.

It’s a good idea to focus on two main questions at all points in the process:

Are you doing well and are you learning enough to get anywhere in the guitar game?

Can you get to where you want to be in the game?

If you answered yes to both questions, you may wish to ask to your teacher (if anyone is around) what their opinions are regarding whether you’ve learned enough to get anywhere in the guitar game.

To illustrate my “yes” to both questions, here are the following scenarios:

I know about five chords – I have a couple of songs where I have only played three chords and a couple of songs where I haven’t played a chord for more than an hour. Do I need to learn more chords? Can I get to where I want to be on the guitar in five songs?
Introduction to Basic Chord Progressions | Acoustic guitar ...

If yes to both questions, then I should learn a couple more chords. My goal is to improve my chord knowledge so that I am a better player. This means I need to learn a new chord (or the same one and a new chord) each time one of my six chords changes.

If there is a limit to what I’m allowed to learn, it may be that the one-two or three-three pattern just isn’t going to take you far. There may be more things I must teach myself and, in that case, I should keep playing those things until they feel right and I can learn a whole bunch of new chords.

So, do you agree? How many chords do guitarists know?

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