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(This question, by the way, is not an easy one to answer. I actually prefer it not to to be answered.) When I started playing, I was learning five instruments simultaneously: bass, drums, piano, guitar, and drums. To get started, I began by learning how to play my first instrument, the bass. I made a great first impression right out of the gate, and was instantly hooked.

After playing an instrument for a few months, a friend of mine suggested that maybe I should take my bass out to the woodshed, and learn how to play the piano. I had been doing so for a while, but I never had a piano at home until my friend suggested that I do just that. I was so impressed that I gave it a go myself and was promptly swept away by it. Not only did I pick up piano and bass without being told to do so, I actually improved my playing, and am now in a good place to learn about other musical disciplines in my future!

How many hours are there in a day?

In the U.S., about eight hours a day, but in the UK, we usually work out of three things: eating, sleeping, and working. But here’s a fun fact: The U.S. average for physical activity is about 6.5 hours a day, the UK averages 1.6, and the U.S. average is 8.2. The difference is that in the UK, we live in a very active age; you can be a gym champion in your teens, or a full-time musician in the early 50s, just because you keep exercising regularly. In the U.S., you might be a student in the early 20s, and you might not be at an age where you have the opportunity to train with a real coaching staff, but you’ll find yourself out performing in front of a crowd!

In general, Americans tend to enjoy living on the beaten path and being physically active, while Brits tend to enjoy taking the easy way out, doing little, and not bothering with a lot of movement. So, if you’re a Brit looking to become an expat in the U.S., try to focus on finding a way to be active and do so as frequently as possible. I promise you, you’ll see real physical change in the U.S. You will make new friends and be able to enjoy yourself at the same time!

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