Is 22 too old to learn guitar? – Learn How To Play Guitar Online Beginner Art

November 17, 2020 0 Comments

– I guess not, but my best friend at the time (in high school) played guitar with me a lot and suggested to me to join a club for guitar lessons… and then I became a member of the same club! I did not really like it, but the music and the people were great!!!

It wasn’t till my early 20s that I actually started learning and practicing guitar, and didn’t stop until I graduated college. At that time I felt completely useless, so I made it known to myself that that I was not going to learn guitar or anything else until I hit my 23rd birthday.

When I turned 23 I decided to join another youth club instead – the Junior Jazz and Classical Guitar Club. There were only 15 out of 100 kids present at the first meeting (the first time I went). I started going to all of them until I finally got to hear a Jazz session in March of 1996 (the first and only Jazz session I had ever heard!) That was a turning point…

Why do you keep going with a hobby? – I don’t. It takes me a long time to get out of the house to practice, so I think I do it because I know it will benefit me – which sounds very much like a rational argument in my head, but the reality is that I’m motivated by the passion I have for the music and, perhaps more importantly, the people I get to hang out with, whether I am there with the band or not.

But what is the difference between being a musician and a music teacher? – There are two big differences: 1) musicians are taught what to learn, and 2) music teachers are generally hired in order to work with musicians to create new music, regardless of their playing abilities. If I had my way, most music instructors would become musicians.

Is there a reason why you would choose the role of music teacher, instead of music manager or music publisher? – I’m fascinated with music and feel I have a very special connection to it. Also, a lot of the current music industry is full of fraud and fraud is my passion – I love to see that the people who make the decisions are honest and do what’s right, rather than simply taking what someone else is paid to do.

There are music teachers who are hired as professional musicians, and there are music writers and musicians paid to write for other people’s music. I’m looking forward to being called on the job and playing some of that stuff.

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