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That doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun way to help you find what makes something you want or needs in your life:

To create or learn a new instrument, think of what would be helpful for you, and the most effective ways to do so. Then use these simple steps:

Find a piano

Get a sheet music for it

Make some friends with the piano player in your life

Learn its keys and rhythms

Try to play the instrument without having to think

Try to play it with the same technique you’d teach a new sonata

The best practice is to play it to yourself and listen to the results

Be able to play it with your eyes closed
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When you’re confident, use this example:

Let’s pretend you’re about to go to work in a job you like. You start by practicing how to play your favorite instrument: the piano. At first you can’t make heads or tails of things — even when you practice for hours. Then you get the hang of it and play your favorite songs with the piano — all the time. You start to enjoy playing it.

You keep doing this and eventually realize some of your favorite songs are not in your top ten favorites list. It turns out they are not in your top 150 favorites list, either — not because you don’t hear it, or don’t get to play it often enough, or because it is not fun. But because you are not playing your favorite songs to yourself, you’re not playing them in the correct way — even after years of practicing for hours after listening to them.

You start noticing certain things missing from your musical life, and you find that you might have overplayed your hand. This is a warning sign — or, it could just be the fact that the instrument you’re practicing is not fun or challenging enough to make you feel energized. You start feeling too exhausted to play as much as you would like to, and the songs you think you know are missing are not even in your top 10 songs to play.

One very effective way to solve this problem is to make sure that your favourite songs are on the list you have set up in your personal library. This makes you aware of those songs you do really love getting to practice. If not, your ability to play and enjoy them will drop off.

Keep practicing to get used to the instrument

The best practice is to keep practicing until you feel confident playing them again

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