Is guitar easier to play than piano? – Learn Guitar Online

September 29, 2020 0 Comments

I think so — but there are many pianists who can barely play, and many of us still think that’s the best way to play.

I think our ability to play something that’s easy to play is based on the way our parents taught us. Back in the day of playing an instrument was how my parents taught me how to play a piano. It’s a really, really different way of playing. We can teach piano, guitar, and piano to children that are three years old, but I would put piano as a whole a lot higher [than any other instrument]. It’s not just picking — you’ve got to learn how to really read chords, how to play rhythm and melody and how to make all the sounds you’re going to have to make.

That sort of thing is really hard to learn.

It’s hard, but you don’t have to go and find out that all the steps are there as a child. But it’s like learning other skills. If you have a good foundation, it’s not that easy. You have to continue to practice. But I think one of the things that made me like pianos in my teens was that I was able to start practicing with an instrument that was easy to play, even though, once I got my hands on a piano, it was a different experience than playing an instrument like an acoustic guitar or a bass piano, to say the least.

Your mother played guitar from an early age and sang and played other instruments when she was younger. Is it important that you find a medium that will make learning music easier?

There are a lot of bands where there is no musical training, but they play, so it’s really important that you have a place to practice. When you’re playing on stage or a band, you’re in a real situation where you’re always thinking and thinking about how you’re going to perform in front of a couple hundred people. It’s a big undertaking. You don’t have the luxury to sit down and practice like an orchestra.

It’s pretty exciting. It takes a lot of energy to get up there and perform. Sometimes they play together and sometimes they don’t. I know I’m not alone in that. I remember hearing about this guy on the radio who was playing [a concerto] and he’s not supposed to be doing it at all. If I’m going to get up there and do the things I’m doing now on stage, there needs to be the option of not

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