Is it too late to learn guitar? – How To Learn Guitar Scales Easily Distracted

October 15, 2020 0 Comments

Well, don’t worry, there’s now a handy app for any guitar players out there! The world’s first guitar learning app, Learn Guitar, now has over 800,000 guitars to learn for free and is growing faster than anyone would believe.

We’ve had a little help from some awesome Kickstarter backers from across the world and we’ve been testing it on some really hardcore players and it is doing phenomenally well.

We have some exciting new features in store for it that we think will really enhance the learning experience. Like learning how to play a song or chord progression or other musical instruments, our app makes it easy to start learning guitar at a low level, with basic theory and exercises – without the need to download the whole damn thing.

At Learn Guitar, we strive to make our application absolutely frictionless to use, and the first thing you want to do when you start learning is just start playing!

All you need to do to get started is:

Grab a free Trial of Download it Now to test out the app and learn something new.

to test out the app and learn something new. Check out our full tutorial on how to learn to play guitar on the full web, and how to play and tune chords

and play and chords Learn how to play a new song

How to play a full-scale barre chord

Learn how to play a solo for a song

Get an overview of most common music theory concepts

Use our easy-to-use guitar guide to learn how to play songs

To top it off, we’ve partnered with some super cool backers who will be helping us out with a lot of exciting stuff during the process of releasing Learn Guitar from scratch.

Our amazing backers in this campaign include the likes of:

Jonny Fazliarini, who will be recording some awesome vocals for our upcoming new album.

Eugene Chediss, who will be joining us on guitar for recording this upcoming album.

Ariel Raskin, who will be playing bass for our final album.

Ariel, Ariel and their kids, Alex and Zola

And more to come…

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Our amazing backers, who you will all find in our video at the bottom of this page, who pledge for this album.

Ariel, Ariel, and their kids, Alex and Zola

The world’s #1 guitar teacher – Eric Bekaert

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