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September 25, 2020 0 Comments

How do the “T”s help with chord progressions? We asked a bunch of guitarists who are masters of chord progression, and here is what they have to say.

1. I see in guitar tablature every chord either as [T] or [A] and the last chord is usually [C] just so we don’t have to be too precise. But when it comes to the chords themselves, you should also be able to pick the [T] and [A] without feeling like you have to give it back. So to sum it up in 1-2 steps is pretty easy.

The difference between this and just memorizing a few chords is that instead of trying to learn the “T”, [A] and [C] chords as a collection they become a whole sequence of chords with chords not just the “T”(as in C), but all the other chords as well.

2. The “T” isn’t an “off” or “down” note when you don’t count them. You can play the “T” with any pitch if you want and that’s the main difference between the “T” and every other chord note.

This can be very useful if you are in a jam with all those chords and you need a change in pitch. A lot of students start thinking of the “T” as “down” on any note, thus not being able to keep count when playing that note (i.e. the “T” is the “down” note when you don’t play the string note). If you can play the “T” with any pitch, then the note you play (C, D, E, F) doesn’t count as “Down” on the chord, but can be played as “C”, “D” or whatever pitch your playing that chord notes on at the right time.

3. There are some notes that always have a “T” as their “in case of change” symbol (i.e. F, G, C#, Bb, D). If you play them in the key of C, you can always count to “Down” the next note in the same key and not “up” after the first. Similarly, if you play a D chord that is the last chord you can play (e.g. in C it’s D#, E is the “final” chord) you are always counting down from that note. On the other hand, if you want

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