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Each of these 3 chords are found in about 30% of common songs, with almost 90% of songwriters using at least one of these 3 chords in a song.

Here are the guitar chords that make up most common songs:

The Chords

There are 5 basic guitar chords, that make up the foundation of all guitar parts. These 5 chords are A1, A2, C7, D9

The 5 basic guitar chords can also be broken down into a few key shapes/versions to help you remember them. Let’s begin our study of these chords with the chords in the key of G.

G Major Scale Formula

The G Major Scale is a very useful guitar scale as well. The following is a chart of the G Major Scale from a technical perspective.

It shows the chords and major scales for the above G Major Scale from your personal perspective.

Here is also a diagram of the 4 key fingerings of this scale which you can use for this study:

G Chord Formula

Click to hear G Major Scale 1

Chord Theory

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The 3 G major scales and the basic shapes of the chords are very useful if you are looking to gain new ways to play guitar and have a solid foundation to work upon.

Chords and major scales can be created from the basic shapes and inversions of each of these 3 scales in some unique ways.

Below is a quick video tutorial which shows a very simple and easy to study chord theory in the key of G.

G Chord Technique

Here is a video showing a very simple and easy to study method for creating chord progressions in the key of G, which can be applied to any key guitar chords.

Chord Progressions

There are many ways to apply the G Major Scale to your guitar playing. The method below gives you a quick guide of how to apply the G Major scale to your guitar playing.

Click to hear G Major Scale 2

G Minor Scale Formula

The G Minor Scale is another great basic guitar scale which can help create a solid foundation to build upon. It is a very common chord progression for a beginner to learn and play.

Here is a chart of the G Minor Scale from a technical perspective.

The G Minor Scale is divided into a series of 5 minor 7th chords (I, ii, iii, IV).

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