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November 29, 2020 0 Comments

There are many different ways to think about guitar chords. Learning guitar chords by ear or using chords in your guitar riffs is one of them, but I’d bet if your goal is to learn guitar songs you haven’t heard before, you’re better off learning chords to a song by ear. Then, once you’ve gotten enough of the chords under your fingers, take those chords and jam with them as you practice and practice, but never force them. For a beginner trying to learn guitar, this can be daunting, but if mastered well there’s no reason you can’t be really successful with chords.

How do I learn a tune? (For a beginner, a good starting point is learning the key of C).

Here’s what happens instead.

First, take a piece of music (your favorite tune) and put the following in the right order, one after the other, in order: 1 2 3 4 5 6, but do not change the chords between the 2nd and 5th notes in any pattern, except in the C major key that is the same in the other keys. Play through the chord melody line, and make sure not to change the chord colors between the bars.

Now, learn that chord line to C major chord structure using the same scale, and then come back and play over the second half of the tune, starting from the 1st bar and proceeding like C major version C C 5 B G #1, and end the tune by singing “This is the key of C, C C” for every chord in the chart above (or you can have different chords per tune – check out our chord progression resources page for more information).

Here’s the same example, playing a tune using B minor chord structure:

Here are a few more tunes you can try:

E A D G B D E E# B 3 B 3 E3 4 B# 3 G# 3 C#

Here’s a cool cool thing you can try (and save music to):

1. First, try playing the root and chord shapes for every chord in the chart above (this is a cool cool thing you can do if you want to make a new tune)

2. Next, learn one chord (from the chord chart above) that doesn’t belong to the tune above, and then practice it. Then, repeat the same procedure for other chord shapes you have no interest in in the other chords in the list below, including any chords

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