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Learn all the standard guitar songs that have chord progressions, and focus on developing the minor, dominant and augmented triads.
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How do I add in a chord progression?

If you’re starting from a chord progression that you learned before, it may be easier to start with a minor scale and add in your own melody, then to keep going, with some minor chords to fill in. But if you want to create a more cohesive sound, work on adding it to your song.

Learn how to add a harmony in real time in this video by learning more about chord progressions.

Can I learn chords backwards?

Yes, you should learn the basics of chords in this order:

The major chord The blues scale The diminished chord The major and minor triads

Once you’ve learned all major chords and scales, add the minor chord or scale as needed. (For example if you play a blues guitar with a bass note, then you should be learning minor chords.)

Some guitarists prefer to learn the blues scale and major and minor chords in reverse order. However, you’ll probably find the order of the chords is more important for the sound you want to produce than being in reverse.

What chord theory should I know first?

For the most part you’ll use the chord theory that you learned at first – unless you do something different that changes the chord. In that case, just read the chords and apply them to practice.

Are there any advanced chord progressions you don’t understand yet?

When you work on a certain pattern, especially with solo and lead playing, there are a few new and interesting chord progressions that can help you make more sense of some lines.

If you’re interested in learning some of these advanced chord progressions, check out the resources below.

How do I know when another guitar solo is right?

There are a number of techniques and techniques that you can use to really learn when another guitar solo is right.

You may want to practice this technique every time you play the same solo or when you have a new solo to learn.

If you can’t tell if your solo is right or wrong just based on just this basic technique, make sure you use it on every solos you make.

When to play the first solo from the song?

I’ve put the music in order of the beginning of each solo, and then in reverse order of progression

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