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November 9, 2020 0 Comments

A lot of people start with blues scales as soon as they can. It’s the first thing you learn when you get serious about guitar. Blues scales are very effective because all major scales are built on the blues scale (in the fretboard) so you can move from fret to fret easily. When you start learning scales you will learn chord progressions that look something like this:

Major scale


Minor scale:


After you learn blues scales you can see for yourself that you can move effortlessly between major and minor.

When did I learn chords and how do I know when to work with those chords?

When you get to have a serious teacher you can begin to use your favorite chords to help you in your studying. For example:

Do I have to play every chord?

You don’t need to know every chord. Some of your favorite songs, like Beatles classics, will also play certain chords often in one verse and in another verse it makes sense to use the chord structure at that moment, or you might need specific chord changes to cover just a single line. You can also use chord progressions to get you used to a certain chord, even with just one line. Remember, the key is to focus on the chord structure while you learn how to play each chord.

What chords are useful between changes or in a solo?

You can also choose between two different styles of chords. Some chords are used in a verse/chorus and then used in a solo. For example, at the end of “Revolution 9” George Harrison uses a 7 chord progression that is usually used in a chorus. In a solo he has the following chords:

Minor 7 (C#m7)

Minor 7 (G9)


Major 7 (C E)

The first 7, F7, comes next in the song, F(m)7, and in the solo he uses this chord again in D7. In either case the 7 is placed after the 8th, and the D7 is the last chord in the line.

The same goes for the second chord (C E). In the solo he uses this chord again in E7, and in the chorus he uses the same chord in E7.

Do I need to play every chord?

This is a tough question to answer since every

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