What is a good price for a beginner guitar? – Guitar Tips For Beginners

August 21, 2020 0 Comments

Well, I didn’t want to give the impression there was much debate on the subject, but there is still a lot of information on the Internet. In no particular order:

I can’t find much about the pricing of used, used-but-still-in-a-sporting-condition guitars, even though many guitar shops seem to be very reasonable when it comes to getting a great deal. If you read an appraisal of a guitar, it is usually some approximation of price (although I don’t think anyone has ever been allowed to check the authenticity of the appraisal). I know there were some articles about used-but-still-in-a-sporting-condition guitars, which included:

“I bought an old Gibson F-335 in Good Condition”

“A used, used-but-still-in-a-sporting-condition Gibson guitar”

“A used, used-but-still-in-a-sportingcondition J-BJ Fender in good shape”

“A well used, well-kept, well-kept and well-kept and well-kept and in good condition Gibson with the original finish and the original headstock!”

These are the kind of things that are found online. It is clear that people think they are making a deal on buying something that looks as good as or better than they would if they bought it fresh; and that some people are able to get used-but-still-in-a-sporting-condition guitars for prices that are very close to or below their original retail price. In any case, in order to know what you’re getting, you want to check the following points:

How old is the guitar? There are a lot of opinions about the age of old guitars, but I’ve never seen anything to prove how old a instrument is. Some people say it might be too old to play, while others are in a hurry to sell it for a lot less than its original retail price. The best time to ask for an appraisal is when the person selling the instrument calls you, and you don’t have the opportunity to inspect the guitar.

Is the guitar in a reasonable shape? Most people who buy guitars say the guitar has suffered a few dings or broken parts, but they are usually not serious enough for a appraisal, since in that case the person selling the guitar is more likely to get it. An example might be a Fender Telecaster with a black pick

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