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Probably the first one [I worked on that got big] was “Sailor of the Sea”. That was really easy. But when you have to create a sound from nothing, it’s even harder.

Have you found that you really have to master a genre?

Definitely. I’m a real virtuoso as far as the guitar is concerned, but I have to learn all these things over and over and over to do the way I should be playing. I’m playing so fast and trying to play like my idols, the Beatles, and they were doing the same thing so much faster.

You have to do a very different thing on the guitar. I’m an artist and the way I think sounds good with the right music and the right time and the right mix. Not having so much time to compose and to write, I’m always looking for that perfect moment, and that perfect sound, so I have to learn a lot of different things.

You’ve said you want to “open” an instrument. So could you play an upright bass guitar?

Yeah. I’d much rather play bass than upright. I like it better as something that can go along with a lot, too. So I could probably play another upright for a while. But I’d rather play bass first.

So it’d be like you’re a bass player or playing drums at the same time?

Yeah, that’s what it would be. Bass guitar is probably pretty hard for me because I think playing bass on top of it, it’s really easy, and even if you play the drums, I don’t think you can do much with that. I just have to learn and play the stuff that I would try to use on top of it.

You’re quite open with your songs.

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No. I’d be totally surprised on that.

With “Sailor of the Sea” and “Flesh of My Flesh”, where do you find inspiration from?

My inspiration usually comes from life. I don’t necessarily put that into lyrics.

When you’re writing the lyrics you can get a lot of ideas, but you’re talking about life. You’re talking about how you feel about it, but when people see it from the perspective of life they would see different things. You have so much freedom on how you write. Maybe I don’t really have to sit down and think as much.

Do you use other musicians’

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