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After getting an invitation from a guy who was going to be living on the street for the night, the girls, who were in high spirits were all gathered in a small room, looking quite nervous. One of the guys is talking while the other one gets up and walks toward them. The girls are very timid and nervous, while the guys are very aggressive. “Welcome! You are gonna watch the guy from the corner for now, and if you don’t like what he had to do, go out and get yourself a girlfriend.”

One girl is already going, “How much we pay.”

“You pay 10 silver coins per person. If you don’t leave by midnight then you are on your own for the night!”

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The girl got up from her seat and started to walk away. Then the guy yelled “You want? Don’t be afraid, we have money for you.”

The girl got down and was about to go back. She was trying to look like a tourist, but she looked really nervous. The moment she saw the money, she became even more nervous and she was very stiff-legged and looked like she was very afraid. There were other girls, some were really afraid of him, some were very nice to him, but none of them could stand her. A few girls got up and got out their wallets and started handing out their coins. It was like a fight broke out in this room.

The guy took her money and walked over to her.

The guy grabbed her hands and pushed her forcefully, pushing her to the corner. They had to pull her back and keep her in place. They continued to push her to the corner, the guy was trying to push her to the table. She could not fight them and kept looking down and shaking. The guy is pushing her and the girls are not moving.

The guy looks into the camera and starts talking to his friend. “What do he want? Is he going to leave?”

“Well, let me tell you, that kid is gonna do whatever we say. You are watching for now, and if you don’t like what we see then go out and get yourself a girlfriend. If you don’t like what we see, then go out and get yourself a girlfriend.” He pushed his girlfriend to the corner of the room.

A couple of girls are just sitting on top of her, holding hands because they are very scared.

“He is going to make her do

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