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You will need to be able to hear a violin from far away that you do not see. This is called being unable to make contact with a musical instrument. Even the most seasoned student of the violin will occasionally fail this test. You will also need to have the mental tools to perform and hear a violin. This is also called being able to play a violin.

What is the most exciting instrument to learn?

You will need to be at least a very young child whose parents want to get involved with the music world. You will need to be able to relate to performing music and have great enthusiasm for it.

Where can I learn the instrument?

There are many places to learn the violin. The easiest way is to listen to music with a teacher. Some good places to start are in our workshops, or one of our many community venues.

In our workshops, you will listen to music with our violinists, and play with the orchestra as often as possible. You may also play in a concert hall on your own, or with our orchestra.

Some great places to start learning the violin on your own are:

Our free studio in St. Louis

Our community halls

There are other ways to learn the violin. Some are called “off-the-peg” learning, or “micro-learning”, or “micro-engaging” learning.

In this learning system, you do music with our musicians; or you play music with our orchestra. On off-the-peg learning, you may learn by listening to our orchestra and then by doing the practice work for our pieces. You may also learn more difficult concepts through practice.

When can I start learning the violin?

You can start learning about the violin as early as you can understand how to play one. You may begin with a few weeks of practice with a stringed instrument. You may also use a few lessons.

The learning experience is a lifelong process for both you and our musicians. Your mother or father may help you a little, but this is not required. We have great music teachers who are happy to assist you. If no one is available, we have special instruction counselors. Our counseling staff includes professional musicians from America who play the instrument. Our music teachers are trained to provide instruction and instruction for the individual student, as well as for the entire class. We are also working with other schools and community organizations to develop resources for teachers to use.

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