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How do I get started? What’s the best instrument for me?

Are you looking for your first guitar lesson?

How do I get started?

What am I actually listening to?

In order to develop great technique and become a guitar virtuoso, you need to spend some time in a studio to master the technical details of the instrument with your friends. Once that’s done, you can move on to the real meat of the matter — learning how to play the actual music.

How to learn guitar?

The most important part of learning how to learn and play guitar is learning how to study. When you don’t study, you spend far too long playing the same note before you realize what you really need to focus on.

If you’re having trouble learning to play, here are some tips on how to listen to great guitar music for practice:

Pick Out One Very Good Guitar Song!

When I first opened up the guitar and started writing songs, I kept coming back when I heard a familiar song and thought, “There must be really good music out there!” I would just go outside and listen.

You’ll find it’s best to go to a recording studio and find one very good song that’s in the public domain. The songs that sound like they’ve been recorded often end up getting turned into new versions of other songs (even old ones).

Now you just need to have a song that sounds like a real song, but not one that you’ve heard before.

Listen to an Example!

One of the key skills required to learn how to play the instrument is a certain way you play it. This is the kind of thing that only comes with experience.

Learning how to play a guitar without understanding how it works is a fool’s dream.

To learn more about playing a guitar without knowing what it is, see “Practicing a song without knowing what it’s supposed to sound like.”

A good way to learn is by playing the song one time with yourself and letting other people play what’s coming out. If you have a good band that you all work with, let someone else play the song at their own pace while you do the riffing and the guitar solos.

Make Each Song Your Own

While it’s important to hear what others are doing, it’s critical to actually write the song yourself.

Think of music as a conversation. Everyone knows the lyrics to

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