What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Guitar For Kids To Learn

November 6, 2020 0 Comments

The one that most people can’t imagine.”

There are many types of guitars to play, but the most popular types are acoustic guitars, and electric guitars. For most people they aren’t as physically demanding as acoustic guitars, and for them they’re much easier to learn if they use a standard guitar pick up instead of trying to make something that’s too complicated.

Doing what you love is the most important part of learning to play guitar. So, if you have an awesome voice and a guitar, pick one up and start learning.

Learning a standard guitar pick up is actually pretty easy because you don’t need any fancy electronics.

To learn how to play through a pick up I did a video for a website called Pickupology where I taught how to pick up a standard guitar pick up. I even showed you how to play through that same pick up on the guitar fretboard!

If you want a free version of Pickupology, you can sign up by clicking here.

If Pickupology does make you feel a bit uncomfortable, try another website that teaches guitar picking. There’s a lot more content and much better instruction, but you still can find the basics of picking on YouTube.

Now, that said, if you’re a hardcore guitar player, I’d recommend picking any guitar, no matter what brand it is, and just practicing until you can play a song on it without thinking about it. It’ll be the hardest thing in the world to get better at playing, I promise you that.

You will probably still get better at picking if you practice more, and you’ll be able to play more songs on it if you practice regularly. But, there are two ways you can get better faster: you can pick a ton of songs and try to learn them over time, or if you’re just looking to get better at playing, you can learn with a pick up.

If you do pick guitar over time, you will definitely want to buy and learn a pick up, because picking a guitar pick up is the most fun you can find with your guitar.
Yamaha TRBX 174 Electric Bass Guitar

My favorite guitar pick up is the “EZ Pick Up.” They sell in the toy section of most major toy stores, and they’re actually sold at Toys R Us. (Check their websites if you’re out in NYC.) They are a little expensive when most of their line is in a bunch of different colors, but they are a very practical guitar pick up.


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