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October 9, 2020 0 Comments

This question is a classic.

While everyone seems to have some unique preference, I have to say that the Stratocaster is probably the easiest guitar to play. Even with a few years of practice, just picking up an electric at first has been one of the most rewarding and fun times of my life.

I was surprised to find the same sentiment when I asked people on Facebook who is the easiest acoustic guitar to play. Not surprisingly, everyone has a unique preference but here are three that really stood out for me.

First is the Les Paul. It’s probably the single most common guitar for beginners. I have found that with the right approach and proper instruction on how to play, it’s surprisingly easy to play a great tone that won’t require any tuning. It’ll give you that great tone that guitar players are talking about.

My favorite thing about the Les Paul is that I have played on it multiple times and I enjoy every one of my plays on it. Playing with other guitarists I’ve been playing with over the last few years – I’ve also found that it’s pretty hard (to me at least) to pick up a Les Paul once you get used to the neck shape. When you play with others, I’ve found that it helps if everyone is used to the neck shape. I think that the more people that know it, the easier it is to pick it up. It’s also important to know that the fretting action of the fingerboard is different on a Les Paul than it is on an acoustic guitar. With an acoustic guitar, you want the fretting action to be similar but the fretboard to be different. With a bass, the difference is even more pronounced. In a bass, the first fret on a Les Paul feels quite different than on other guitars.

The Fender Stratocaster is also the easiest guitar to pick up on my part. I can pick up a set of strings in no time at all if I get good at holding the string while it’s held. Even with the neck in a stretched position like the Strat, you can still get a nice and comfortable draw.

Even after years of playing it, I still find it incredibly easy to play. There are other guitar companies that are making their own versions but I love the look and feel of a Les Paul in its original state.

The Fender Stratocaster also makes an appearance on my list of favorite guitars. The Les Paul is always my favorite guitar in the

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