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August 21, 2020 0 Comments

Can I teach my dog to play?

We have a lot of ideas, but no answers. So we’re going to try…

1. We’re going to teach our dog the four notes

The four notes (and I’ll explain a few with examples) are 1, 2, 3, 4:

The letter ‘c’ in A, C, D and E

A minor major

A minor minor

A major major

The note ‘z’ in A

The note ‘z’ in C

The note ‘c’ in D

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The note ‘m’ in F

The note ‘u’ in G

The ‘b’ in Ab

How to sing

Now that we’ve discussed the four notes and their notes, let’s sing them! Well, we’ll just sing the A chord, and our dog will just sing it, with a little extra singing to keep the melody nice and simple.

The first time you sing it with your dog, get him to sing the melody that’s on the page. Then you’ll sing the other A chord (Bm) several times a day (or twice, if that’s how he is). When he’s ready, then sing two thirds of the melody (C-A) and he’ll get the song.

When this is easier for you, you can just start slow and learn the melody. Once you’ve got it down, you can go much faster by sing this song with your dog, but for now, let’s just learn the melody.

To learn the melody, I sing the melody four times a day (or twice, if that’s how he is), and he sings the A chord three times!

2. Teach our dog how the notes sound

For each sound, I sing A, or the third of it (see pic above).

When I sing the F chord, just watch where it goes. (See pic again)

When I’m sure he understands the melody, I sing all eight notes!

3. Practice your singing

Now it’s time to find something else to bring them to! Let’s try singing this tune on your dog in a real class for two or three hours, and then try it in our home on one of the days that you sing.

If you’re comfortable with singing and playing the melody, then it’s easy to play. But what if

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