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As a guitarist himself, he knew the band would “get into that groove” with his voice. He wanted to bring a live instrument to life the same way the members used to, and was lucky enough to be asked to contribute something live — to provide accompaniment. “Playing guitar and keyboard is a super fun experience,” he says. “You feel like you’re playing live every second of every day just in the moment when you’re playing. You get to hear sounds you’ve never really heard.”

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While singing, the musicians needed space to work out their own songs. “What we’ve become really happy about is that it’s a full band — we’re all on tour,” he says. “In the past, there was a little more of a band mentality, but now it’s just the six of us.”

That meant some improvisation for the two-piece and Mcgruff was encouraged to let his vocal range shine. “What’s fun is that the other one is always like, ‘How can I bring my voice to this,’ ’cause one person’s a drummer and the other is a guitar player,” he says. “I don’t know if you’re more vocal than I am, but that is such an interesting juxtaposition.”

A video posted by Ryan Mcgruff (@bobbywoozus) on Jul 26, 2015 at 8:58pm PDT

The band decided a guitar solo should be the main element of the song for the most part, and the final version was very much about Mcgruff, himself, and the band in the full band. “It’s the closest thing to live singing that we have — it’s like a really full band song,” he says. “It’s the only part that’s more in the same rhythm. You’ve got two guys talking, you’ve got one guy playing guitar and that’s it. The only other interaction is that guy next to you playing the same riff and that’s it. It’s this really smooth and harmonious song.”

The full band version is the one that won’t be on the album, but as of yet, no other band members have given suggestions or added their own vocals for the original. ”

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