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The answer to this question depends on the child and the teacher. If the child is able to read the music and can play all the other parts, then it will usually take less time to learn some of the basics of the piece. A good example would be the C#maj7 (Bm5 Bb7) part of the F major scale. A child cannot read music in this way. A more advanced student is going to have to read music in a more advanced fashion.

Here are just a few of the more complicated pieces. I will talk about a couple of each today.

D Major:

Here is a chart of D major.

Here are the notes. There are 7 notes. In the major key it is not “A”, but “D.”

Note – This is a key signature. You can play this on a C guitar or not. But some people play a bass and others people play a lead.

Here is the D major scale in A major (C Major).

Here is an example of the same scale, but in C major (Eb F#). The notes are “C E F# G M G.”

This is how it’s written in the score.

E: D E F#
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A: Eb G C

Bb: B D Eb

Bc: Bd Ab

C: C# G M G

D: D# Ab C

The D major is a pretty difficult key. Usually, you need some experience to get it down. However, if you take the basic notes, you will get it down quite easily.

E: D E F#

A: Eb G C

Bb: B D Eb

Bc: Bd Ab

C: C # G M G

This E major scale is in E major (C minor), although there is only one note B. This gives you some freedom.

Now, there are many other examples. This is just a tiny selection. Here are four more:

C: D C Major

C#: D E Fb

D: D# Eb F#

D# Ab C#

D# Ab C#

There are many more notes.

Bb: D Bm9

C: D C E

D#: D# Eb C

D# Ab C

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