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A. Probably not.

Q. It sounds like it’s probably just in a nursery or maybe a kindergarten program.

Rising home prices, weak wages and inflation are all being blamed for fuelling a vicious cycle of rising house prices, falling income and then further falling house prices.

However, one group not always under the spotlight is property investors, where house price can have been driven by the demand for investment and more cash in the bank.

New analysis from PropertyGuide shows that in recent years we have seen that those buying property under the “buy now, pay later” rule are the main drivers of house price rises at any time to date. As it stands, that’s at least since the Brexit vote and a large chunk of the recent increases can be attributed to investors buying a property in the meantime, as they’re currently unable to access their cash within the UK.

The analysis shows that the most recent spike on the graph, which occurred between December 2008 and July 2014, occurred when the UK had already exited the EU.

As the UK’s house price has soared, investors, as a group, have seen an increase in their cash in the bank.

Here, a breakdown of the group is presented:

Those who bought from other people, or got a lower value house through a sale are the most likely to have accumulated more cash, and so more money at the start of the cycle, and therefore a stronger pull on the price.

Those on savings are those who are more likely to be holding cash on hand at the start of the cycle – which helps them put a downward pressure on the price as the money isn’t sitting on savings accounts like the above.

In contrast to the above, the share of renters among these groups is very small, so a higher share of property investors would be needed to affect the price in this way.

Interestingly, the number has stayed relatively steady over the last decade, as the UK has exited its recession in large part, and has not seen a lot of people move into property on the back of falling wages.

It is also interesting to note that those investing, whether it’s via a loan or purchase, are by this analysis actually making more money than those who are not investors.

PropertyGuide’s analysis also shows that homebuyers today are not the first generation – the average age of those that are selling property is 36 years and there are more than double that number that are just buying their

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