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While you might enjoy being a rockstar in your community, it’s unlikely that your child will be in a band (or a band-leader), though an avid reader of books would make a good candidate. (That said, in their case, they might do something more like being in a jazz band.)

And yes, the piano is great for developing fine motor skills, but, as the old joke goes, kids aren’t stupid; they just need more practice, and maybe a teacher to teach them.

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How is learning to play the piano important for people living with Alzheimer’s?

With Alzheimer’s, the physical and mental process of learning to play is a major obstacle. As the disease advances, so does the time needed to practice; even if you play piano daily, it takes a long time to master the skill.

In a study of 20,000 adults, Dr. Mark Zobel found that for every hour of daily playing, the average person would spend six hours learning. And as the time required to become proficient decreases, so does their IQ — up to 50 percent or so decline in this age group.

Why piano?

The most important skill in learning to play is balance, and playing the piano can be very challenging when you’re old, and don’t have the ability or desire to keep your balance. That’s why a lot of piano instructors advise people to learn the keyboard before starting the drum or guitar, because the keys on a piano tend to be lower, while the drum is lower and harder to play.

How does a piano fit into a caregiver’s lifestyle?

It’s one of the best ways of preserving a caregiver’s independent life.

How can the piano help someone with dementia?

A piano can play a significant part in helping a person to live independently — whether this allows a person to remain at home or to move away for a new job, or to learn an advanced skill. It can also provide a sense of music and rhythm that may help a person with dementia to manage their emotions or to work in the same room as another person, to feel connected to others and to be reminded of their own strengths and values.

Why is the piano an important part of education?

Music can be used to help kids learn the alphabet and to develop creativity and problem solving skills. The piano will be used to introduce children to the basics of composition, the melody and harmony, and the basic movements. In

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