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No, in a normal day.

Do I see if I can live on $25/hr? No, but I can make a decent living for about 4+ years.

Can I live on $20/hr? Definitely. You make enough money to pay tuition. It’s unlikely that we’ll have our kids out after high school, so the tuition is free.

Will I be able to learn jazz and classical and can I still afford all of it? It is very likely that in your college career, you will earn an extra two- or three-figure college tuition that you can apply toward tuition.

Should I expect to get scholarships? Not always. It is possible to earn a scholarship or fellowship that pays the full sticker price and doesn’t include the cost of living. Also, you may be able to afford to pay a significant part of your school costs on your own. You should also make sure to explore every area that interests you (teaching is definitely a good idea). If you do not have the time to go to classes while also taking classes at your local community college, you should apply for a job placement. It may be better to get an entry-level job and have classes taught in your hometown, like an admissions officer who attends a local community college or an adjunct professor who goes to a local college.

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