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We offer both teaching and study in the Studio which includes beginner and intermediate levels to advanced students on the 1st, 2nd and 4th years of our program. In addition students are able to take Piano for the first time at the same time as studying, either individually and in groups or in the Studio with the assistance of Piano and Guitar.

What instrument do you teach? Piano




Electric Guitar

Electric Bass

Bass Guitar


What is the average level of instruction you offer/will provide in your Music Education?

Less than 1 week

1 to 2 weeks

6 to 8 weeks

12 to 18 weeks

18 years and over

Why do you offer a Music Education Program?

There is no better way to learn to play music than through music training. You will be able to develop the skills to play your favourite songs and also learn the skills and techniques necessary in order to perform well in concerts. The more information you can have prior to arriving at Music School about the types of music you like to play, the more likely you will be to find a coach who can support you in your goal of success.

Does the Music School pay for tuition?

Yes! The full tuition is given at the end of every course and you may attend without tuition for a small sum. If you need tutoring or a free lesson we offer this as much as possible.

Can all music be learned here at the Music School?

If you are unable to attend class because of the weather or just because of personal reasons that prevent you from attending we are happy to suggest you take an alternative music course elsewhere.

When can I register?

Applications for Music School courses open on the day of the class. In order to enrol in your lessons you must arrive at that time. If, even in the hope of being able to enrol in the course, you decide you would like to sit some lessons elsewhere we will try to re-accommodate you.

I am a professional musician and have not taken Music School as a course yet. Can I still enrol?

Yes! If you do not have the time or want to give up a great deal of progress simply contact us to discuss additional courses that you wish to take so that we can offer you opportunities for your success in the music world.


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