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No, but we’ll figure something out for you.

“A-At school?

“Of course!” You say with enthusiasm. But wait, what do you mean “we”? You have no idea; you just said it just like that. In a certain moment of your life, you are not in control of what you are being asked to do, and yet you have no idea what to say. Nowadays, it’s possible to get the answers to these questions.

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Let me tell you something of the best instruments. Before I started as a teacher, I was playing a lot of songs for people. It is impossible to describe the feeling of playing a song, even though someone can tell you how it feels.

I will tell you, though, how the feeling develops once the teacher starts teaching. Your pupil is getting tired of hearing you sing and playing, and it is not so long before it starts to become a habit. Every time you sing a song, you feel more and more enthusiastic about it. It is impossible to describe its effects, but you probably will understand them as soon as you see your pupil’s eyes change.

In time, you start to notice that your pupil’s eyes are looking at the same spots that you see, and you begin to understand that they have just made the first discovery of a hidden world. If you’re interested in music, listen! But there’s also another kind of music I can show you here.

At the beginning of my lessons, you hear these chords of scales. The student doesn’t know them, and in the very beginning, this is something very important.

The teacher plays these scale, which is called a “harmonic scale”, on your violin. His purpose is to show you the first of the harmonic series. Then you learn how these chords are made and how they are played. I have given you the theory:

The chord progression is made by making the intervals between two notes equal or very similar. If a harmonic series starts with the two notes of any one note, and they are the same number or just the same number of semitones apart, then the progression starts from the same notes.

Now come back:

The notes start out the same again.

For example: one has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and so on. We can now say that the first note is in the same place as in

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