Can I learn piano at 30? – Best Way To Learn Piano Notation For Beginners

November 2, 2020 0 Comments

Absolutely! We’ve got lots of lessons and you can try a free hour on any day!

How much are the lessons?

If you want to learn basic fundamentals, beginners or advanced piano lessons, we cover all the basics you need to know. On day 3 we introduce more advanced concepts.

On your first day of the week we’ll teach you how to develop your vocal playing.

On weekdays we’ll work with you on arranging and improving the melody and rhythm on songs you’ll sing at your local gigs.

On weekends we play a number of popular music styles plus classical music, jazz or popular music from the 60’s.

All week we’ll be featuring music of interest to students like blues, jazz, and blues music.

Will I pay for lessons?

Of course! You can choose to pay a small fee for your first few lessons if you need some extra motivation or if you just want to keep up with the others. We charge a $2.50 fee for any more lessons that our students need.

What if someone else wishes to sit with me?

Students can sit with a friend for a free class. If more than one student wishes to take a free class the fee for that class will be charged at the rate of one per student.

Is there a book?

Yes, all lesson files are included in the lessons that have been recorded. In addition to the free online lessons, lessons include the full sheet music (for download) to get you started and full notation files for most keys and chords.

What about the lesson files – are they ok?

As long as you don’t share or copy them, you are welcome to have as many of the lesson files as you need. Just download them and use them however you like. You don’t need to pay for the full file size if you are going through the lessons.

How do I print my private lessons?

You can print your private lessons by email, scan, or fax. To print your private lessons you must be a Canadian student and a registered student in the Classroom app. To download your private lessons, first click the Classroom app download button then on the Downloads tab, scroll down, click on the Private Lessons tab and click on the download link. You will then be prompted to open your Private Lectures.

How do I find out about future lessons?

If you want to see more

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