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This is the question that I had in mind when I decided to go to the University of Iowa for business school – would anybody really do it?

“They are teaching music but the university’s not going to offer the courses to people who are 30 and they’re not going to be able to afford the tuition, no matter what they end up playing,” I told the university’s website.

“So I really think it’s kind of an interesting question whether or not it’s worth it to start with.”

There seems to be a general consensus to the effect that you’re probably going to get a lot better results if you start young. My friends in my business school were all pretty impressed with the results.

It looks like I’m going to be spending much of my next career doing business things that aren’t music.

It’s possible I’ll take a break from my career early on and focus full-time on music, but I’m unsure how much longer that will last.

I guess this is the question I think of more than anything else in life.

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The University of Oregon is considering a bill to allow professors to wear the headdress from head to toe.

The law, if adopted, would not make the headdress available to all faculty, but only to students with an academic degree and who don the headdress as a symbol of their allegiance to a university.

The new law, AB 17, would allow professors with an academic degree to wear hats, scarves or other identifying symbols as a “way of expressing support for their student’s intellectual or moral convictions or as a way to distinguish their students from other students with similar views and affiliations.”


The bill came to the fore after University President Michael Schill announced that he’d sign the measure.

“As a student of the faculty, I find it deeply disturbing that this piece of clothing is considered a political statement, a symbol of religious belief or even intimidation,” Schill told the Oregonian.

However, there are a lot of concerns about what the headdress is representing and the implications for students.

University of Oregon law professor Jason Schiller said that people might feel the headdress could be used to make them look more intelligent than they really are.



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