Can I learn violin at 30? – Learn Piano Chord Method

August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Sure, and you’re not going anywhere! (Except out of town.) However, this means you’re going to spend lots of money. You probably can get a private lesson from a qualified musician or teacher in your area. As for how long it’s going to take, here are some typical outcomes from a beginner’s violin lessons:

Learn the violin well and develop good technique for solo, and/or baritone, parts for the first few lessons.

Becomes a strong performer with good technique, good articulation, a good understanding of music theory, and an understanding of violin playing with an overall musicality.

Learn to work with an accompanist on a regular basis.

Achieve a strong understanding of violin performance technique and playability with an overall musicality and control of the instrument.

Find out which instruments and how they work and play.

See a few of the different types of music they’ve done as violins and violinists

Get lots of practice, and practice with varying difficulty.

See their music in the studio

Make some mistakes.

Work with an accompanist to improve their playing.

Learn techniques and music theory

And don’t just sit there in the library when you’re younger. Your learning experience is going to vary from teacher to teacher. Here are some tips from the good folks at the Violin Academy of America:

Look at the music and you can’t do it alone.

“Look at the music and you can’t do it alone. You need to listen to the music and you’re not going to listen just to the music. As you look at a piece of music and you hear a tune and you hear them in a different setting (or a solo), you look at it for what it is and what it’s doing. Then you figure out where it needs to go. Then you bring that piece of music to the piano. You bring the music to a piano. So it’s really like the twofold music education – first the one where you listen, and the other is when you can be present.”

– Donna Minkoff, Violin Academy of America,

The “Harmony, Not Harmony” Principle

Many people think that a good solo violinist is always able to play “harmony” with one or more other violins. If this were true, violins of different sizes would “sing together” as one. When I did

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