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August 12, 2020 0 Comments

And if not, how can you?

“Well, we haven’t got time for that,” says Mike who is still learning piano on an acoustic piano – using his brother as his teacher on the instrument.

The brothers are keen to demonstrate their abilities in the world’s most important international piano competition, the World Piano Championship, to which they belong. In fact, the duo are eager to prove to the world they can play anything from classical music to country blues.

They have already been able to impress the international community by performing on television alongside the likes of the UK’s Got Talent and German DJ, Janis Joplin.

But the brothers have faced a few challenges in their quest so far.

Image caption Mike’s brother, Alex, plays on a keyboard

For example, despite having won the coveted prize for Britain’s new piano virtuoso – the piano World Championship gold medal – they were told they could not sing for it.

“The English are quite intolerant,” says Mike. “It was actually rather difficult to sing.”

Mike believes they may be just the kind of couple who can pull off an improvised performance of opera when they are living in the same country. And he can’t wait to see how he compares to the best at the competition.

But most recently this is not the first time the brothers have run into difficulties with the competition.

The World Piano Championship has been running for more than 30 years. The contest is played twice a year, and is watched by thousands of contestants throughout the world.

While they can win the prize by performing beautifully – winning in any category – by achieving exceptional skills in a specific area, for all other categories they must perform well in other competitions.

Image caption The brothers have previously won the world championship in a couple of categories

Image caption Competition entrants in the piano world championship

They play at the Royal Theater in London for the annual tournament and have done quite well in the past.

“The piano world championship prize has always been very much on our radar but it never really piqued our interest,” says Alex. “In fact, it was always more of a hobby.”

He explains that until recently it was hard to believe that two brothers from Manchester could be considered to be the best in the world.

His brother has been playing piano for 30 years and has an outstanding technique to boot. When asked how he manages to excel, Alex says it is not

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